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Serious Training
for Strong Women

For Motivated Abbotsford Women
Only 12 3 Spots Available!


Get Strong and Fit
Without Hours Of Boring Cardio


Deadline extended to December 29 - ONLY 3 Spots LEFT!


Make a decision to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  Our 14-day trial membership will put you on the right path to:

  • Get strong and lean, so you can move through your daily life with confidence and grace.
  • Eat well with our easy-to-follow, flexible nutrition guidelines, so you can enjoy meals with family and friends again without stressing over every gram of food.
  • Feel confident and comfortable in the gym, so you can get the results you've struggled to achieve for years.
  • Work harder AND smarter than you have before.  Get more done in less time, so you can get more out of life.
  • Become part of our awesome community of real people, just like you, who like to work hard, play hard, and live well!

Are you getting bored with doing hour upon hour of cardio by yourself?  Is the thought of going it alone at the gym keeping you from actually doing anything?

Many of our members used to spend hours running on treadmills, spinning on bikes or wobbling away on elliptical machines too.  Just like you, they struggled to stay on track and get results by themselves.

Put simply, training solo sucks and traditional cardio gets SUPER boring really fast. It's hard to stick with it when there's nobody else to look to for accountability.

Fortunately for you, we do things differently at The BTG.  With our focus on Small Group Training, you get plenty of one-on-one attention from an expert trainer combined with the camaraderie of training as part of our awesome community of hard-working people just like you.  You'll stay on track, and get the results you've always wanted.

Where you are at today is the sum of all your choices to this point.  Make the decision RIGHT NOW to change your life, and let's get started.


We know with your hard work and our expert coaching, you will get the results you're after.  If you follow our coaching, attend all of your workouts, and aren't satisfied with your results at any time during your 14-day trial membership, we will refund 100% of your money!