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This page is mostly about the awards our members have earned at The BTG, either through their effort in training, or through their character - just being themselves!  Some of these awards are given on a regular basis (E.G. at our summer or winter social / games events), and some are special awards that are only given when someone has really stood out and exemplified what the award is about.

We also list here any awards that our team or facility have earned or been nominated for over the years.  If you're interested in those, they'll be right at the bottom - our client awards are more important!

Client Awards at The BTG

F.O.A.D. Award

My friend Vicky - you are missed!

My friend Vicky - you are missed!

This award was inspired by and created in honour of my good friend and former BTG member, Vicky Bach, who sadly passed away on New Year’s Eve 2014 after battling ALS for the better part of two years.

Vicky was one of the original five members of The BTG when we started out in January 2012, and was one of my regular clients as a trainer at another facility for at least a year before that (I think about a year and a half, if I recall correctly), so in all we worked together for a little over four years.

During my early days working with Vicky, she told me, “I HATE doing this, JP.  I know that it’s good for me and all that, but I really don’t enjoy working out at all.”  She would even sometimes attempt to flat-out refuse to do what I was asking of her, but with some convincing, I could usually get her going.  We had a couple of discussions about how the benefits of training for her would be worth the “suffering”, and she finally agreed that, sure, ideally, you’d find physical activity you enjoy, but failing that, you don’t HAVE TO “like” training to appreciate the benefits of it after.

From that time forward, Vicky never said “I hate doing this” again, but when I gave her something particularly challenging to do, I would often receive one particular phrase in return:

“I have just four letters for you, JP – F. O. A. D.!”

While the meaning of that acronym can’t be repeated in polite company, I can tell you I was literally on the floor, laughing, with tears streaming down my face the first time that phrase came out of her mouth.  This was not an admission of defeat, or a refusal to take on the task assigned to her – no, this was Vicky, rising to the challenge!

Over the next couple of years, some of my proudest moments as a trainer were seeing Vicky’s determination from then on to take on challenges, heavy barbell deadlifts in particular, and see the satisfaction and sense of genuine accomplishment she came to get from meeting them.  Vicky’s determination was further demonstrated as the physical symptoms of her ALS began to progress, with her continued commitment to training to try and fight that progression and maintain physical function for as long as possible.

So, in honour of my friend Vicky, the F.O.A.D. award is given to a BTG Member who has demonstrated a transformation in attitude or mindset that has allowed them to rise to the challenge of training and show exceptional improvement in skill, strength or other physical capacity, or that has helped them meet the challenge of adversity outside of the gym and remain dedicated to their training despite great difficulty.

2017 Recipient - Aidan G

When this young man started training with us in the summer, while he followed instruction well and had an upbeat attitude and goofy sense of humour, he always seemed a bit nervous and afraid of pushing himself.  We also had to stay on top of him to make sure he was putting in the work, not just cracking jokes…LOL!  While not ever uttering the words that this award stands for (he’s too well-mannered for that), you could see a pretty high degree of reluctance in the early days, and he’d often try to keep a low profile to avoid. 

This was all to be expected with someone who had never strength trained before, and was jumping in as our youngest member at 15 years old in a group training setting with a bunch of adults.  Both Julia and I could see the potential Aidan had, and we were excited to see where the next few months would take him. 

Fast forward to our last strength rotation before the holidays, and you could really see how his confidence and attitude had evolved.  From struggling with deadlifting a 12 kg kettlebell in the beginning, Aidan’s 3RM PR of 125 lbs. was an over 500% increase.  While still maintaining his fun, lighthearted personality, we could now see a more serious, determined approach beneath the surface, and even a bit of competitive fire as he chased the next highest deadlift number on the board! 

We really look forward to seeing Aidan’s further progress in 2018, but his progression in attitude and demeanor so far make him a natural pick for the F.O.A.D. award! 

2016 Recipient - Brenda L

Julia and I both saw one person who really stood out and has clearly demonstrated such a transformation over the past year and more of training with us.  From barely being able to lift a 16 kg kettlebell and complaining on just about every rep of every exercise in her early days with us, to her recent triumph of trap bar deadlifting 145 pounds (and asking to do more!), she really exemplifies what this award is about, so it is our pleasure to present this inaugural F.O.A.D. award to Brenda.

BTG Badass Award

This award recognizes those BTG Members who have demonstrated exceptional work ethic, dedication and/or positive attitude in their training over and above the usual level of excellence we’ve come to expect from our Members generally.  These Members inspire all of us to be and do better every day in the gym!

Winter 2017 Recipients - Bobbie P and Robin N

Bobbie P

Always an energetic, enthusiastic and entertaining presence in the gym, Bobbie is always a pleasure to have in the gym.  This year, however, she really took things to another level when she embraced the challenge of taking on a Spartan Race Trifecta, despite having never done anything like a Spartan Race before.  “If I’m going to do it, I might as well go all in” was the attitude she took, and she never looked back. 

When a big wrench got thrown in the team’s plan with our decision not to run in the Vancouver Spartan events due to weather/safety, Bobbie just rolled with the punches and switched her plans around to fly to Calgary to run the Super there with Coach JP and my cousin, Richard.  Bobbie performed like a champ, attempting every single obstacle unassisted, and completing 210 proper, full penalty burpees for the handful of obstacles she couldn’t complete (unlike some of the atrocious burpees or skipping of burpees we saw on course). 

When it came to the Spartan Race Sun Peaks Beast, Bobbie just motored along with her usual bubbly personality and can-do attitude, making numerous “race friends” along the way…for TEN HOURS!  This was absolutely the hardest and longest Beast course we’ve seen in three years at the event, including a near-vertical ascent over a kilometre long about 2/3 of the way in, and there was not a whiff of a complaint from Bobbie the whole time. 

…and then she ran the Sprint race the next day to complete her Trifecta!  If her legs felt anything like mine did, I know how much effort that took to get through, and as always, Bobbie did the whole thing with a smile and her usual sense of humour.

Robin N

Since first setting foot in the gym back in the summer, Robin has always approached training with an infectious enthusiasm and determination.  She is constantly pushing her limits and seeking out ways that she can do more, or do what she already does even better. 

While her attitude and work ethic in the gym are inspiring all on their own, she has also put in some outstanding performances in the gym that were real eye openers, particularly considering she had zero strength training background coming in.  Setting a new BTG 3RM Deadlift (female) record of 250 lbs. is nothing to sneeze at, but I know she has taken equal satisfaction in technical successes like mastering the hand-foot-crawl, and will undoubtedly achieve many of the other performance goals she has set for herself this coming year. 

I look forward to seeing her continue to grow in strength and confidence, and am excited to see what she achieves in 2018! 

Summer 2016 Recipients - Cole B and Kyle H

At our 2016 BTG Summer Games and BBQ, we awarded the title of “BTG Badass” to two people who really stood out to both Julia and I, and it is worth noting that many of our members also commented from time to time how inspiring and uplifting these two individuals were to them in their own training.

Cole B

Our first recipient always comes in with a smile and a friendly greeting to everyone (often at the very last second possible or maybe even a few minutes late – he does his best, I know!), no matter how stressful his workday has been or how much he had to scramble to be there.  He’s always pushing himself hard and testing his limits often, as well as offering encouragement and a subtle verbal push forward to his fellow Members every day, inspiring and leading not only by his words, but his actions.  He’s someone I often look to as “the guy to beat” when I have two legs to stand on, which speaks to his work ethic and willingness to just grind it out and get it done as much as his physical capabilities.  So, without further ado, I’d like to award the title of “BTG Badass” to Cole B.

That's Cole, smiling away as he starts an Airdyne sprint...LOL

That's Cole, smiling away as he starts an Airdyne sprint...LOL

Kyle H

Our second recipient is a bit quieter presence in the gym, but his astounding results over the past six months really speak for themselves.  It’s not just the work he puts in here that has done it for him, though he is training with us four times per week right now.  He also regularly gets out and puts in work on his own, either at home, at the local big-box gym, or out on the hiking trails on top of what he does with us.  Just about any task I’ve set before him, he just gets to work and gets it done, and believe me, I’ve asked some pretty crazy stuff of him over the last few months!  The fact that he has suffered with me through some of the most intense workouts I’ve been able to come up with, and never loses his sense of humour, and is almost always down for whatever challenge I throw out there, along with the fact that he’s managed to drop about 40 pounds of bodyweight over the last six months while maintaining or improving his strength and conditioning makes Kyle H an easy choice for the title of “BTG Badass”.

Kyle crushing a PR on trap bar deadlifts :)

Kyle crushing a PR on trap bar deadlifts :)

Awards for The BTG

2017 Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award

(Nominated in the category of Home-Based Business)

2016 Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award

(Nominated in the category of Home-Based Business)

2014 Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award

(Nominated in the category of Home-Based Business)