Never Too Old To Kick Some Butt!

Just wanted to put a quick note up about the solo performance of our "elder statesman" on today's BAM! workout.

These numbers will only make sense to those of you who have experienced the current BAM! training, but Ron S put up a 3.0/3.0 performance solo.  For comparison, the other solo performances so far have been 2.2/3.2 and 2.0/3.0 marks from much younger members (anywhere from 17 - 35 years younger).

Even more impressive considering a) he had to do a full 20 reps of the rep-limited stations each time (where normally the rotation is determined by the Airdyne or skipping station when working in teams, and few people were hitting anything close to 20 reps), and b) he's 71 years young!

Awesome job, Ron!