New Shoes! Reebok ZQuick TR 2.0

I've finally gotten around to replacing my trusty New Balance Minimus Trail (MT10) shoes, which so far are still my favourite all-around athletic shoe.  After two pairs in three years, I was hopeful that New Balance's latest Minimus cross-trainer, the V3, would offer the same super-comfortable and stable fit but with a more durable sole than the super-soft trail rubber on the MT10's.

Off to the local sports store to try them on, and...I did NOT like how they felt.  Something about the way that the upper is put together seemed to be forcing my ankles to collapse inward, and there was an uncomfortable lump in the arch of each foot (where my MT10's were snug through the arch, but flat underfoot).

While waiting for the salesperson to bring me my size in those, however, I checked out the other, minimal-looking cross trainers the store had to offer.  The Adidas and Nike offerings both felt more clunky and heavy than the svelte MT10's I was used to, but then a shoe from Reebok caught my eye - the Crosby ZQuick TR 2.0.  It felt reasonably light (just a shade heavier than my MT10's), and the construction looked pretty solid yet breathable, so I asked the salesperson to get me a pair to try.

WOW - nice and flat/unstructured inside, wide toe box, solid but well-damped feel to the soles.  Apparently these have the same 4 mm heel-toe drop as my MT10's, though it actually feels a bit steeper, but again, WOW.  They feel great on my feet, and FAR superior to the Minimus V3 cross-trainer.  Still don't feel as "just right" as my MT10's, but that could be because they haven't really broken in yet.


They've been put through several hard workouts, and through The Praetorian Race event here in Abbotsford today, and have held up really well so far.  Still very comfortable on my feet, but I could have maybe gone a half or full size smaller for them to be a bit more snug in length.  That said, though, they don't feel loose or anything, just "roomy" at the toes, especially on burpees, push-ups and mountain climbers.

Overall, great shoes - I would highly recommend them.