My Fitness Journey - Coach JP

I've had a lot of awesome feedback from friends out there about my "JP reboot" - thanks to all of you for your support!

Let's make this "official" - I'm aiming to weigh in and post a summary of my week every Sunday.  This has been a short week, since I just got going on Wednesday, but here's what I did.

Nutrition/Lifestyle Behaviour:  Don't Drink Your Calories

I've been 100% on-track with this since Wednesday.  Only beverages I've had are plain water, black coffee, plain green tea, plain Earl Grey tea, and plain sparkling water.

Plan for the coming week:

Keep going with the same behaviour.

Exercise Behaviour:  Walk to Work At Least 3 Days Per Week

Considering I started this Wednesday evening, I wasn't going to hit 3 days this past week - LOL.  I walked to work on Thursday, and if my 10 minutes per KM pace holds true, then the hillier route over Old Yale Road is just over 4 km, while the alternate route via Sumas Way is about 3.5 km.  I'm going to continue using the Sumas Way route to work, and Old Yale from, just to give myself a little bit of variety.

I also trained Boxing with Kyle H on Wednesday evening this week.  We went HARD, with a lot of punching volume since I felt a need to punish myself a bit - LOL.

Gear notes - I was getting WAY too sweaty with my jacket on, even in the rain and cooler temperatures on Thursday (and wearing shorts).  I'm going to go with a long-sleeve technical shirt instead (with no jacket) for some minimal protection from the elements without too much insulation.

Plan for the coming week:

Walk to work Mon / Wed / Fri, train Strength Monday, Boxing Wednesday, BAM! Friday, and the Weekend Grinder Saturday AM.  I've also registered for my MovNat Level 1 Certification in February, so I'll need to do a bit of practice on some of the movements/skills.  We'll see where I can fit these in...

This Week's Results:  213 lbs. (-1.0 lbs.)

Again, it was a shorter week, so I wasn't necessarily any change.  It's also worth noting that my Wednesday weigh-in was in the evening, when I tend to weigh more anyway, so it's likely that 213 lbs. is a more representative starting point for me.

I still don't fit my new pants comfortably, but feel like progress is being made.