My Fitness Journey (Week 2) - Coach JP

After a good week 1, this past week was a bit of a struggle.  While I would say that fighting a cold/flu bug most of the week definitely contributed to the problems this week, I simply took my eye off the ball.

Nutrition/Lifestyle Behaviour:  Eat Enough Protein

This past week, my protein intake has been all over the map.  I know that I am usually under-eating protein by a fair bit, but the real issue is that I lost focus and wasn't really thinking about my protein intake too much when I should have been.  On my best day this past week, I'd say I barely hit the lower end of the protein intake range I should be in.  Most days, I was WAY below.

I've stayed on-track with not drinking any calories, even through a dinner-and-a-movie outing with friends and a big family get-together over the weekend.  Again, the only beverages I've had are plain water, black coffee, plain green tea, plain Earl Grey tea, and plain sparkling water.

THIS IS IMPORTANT:  Rather than beat myself up about missing my protein intake numbers this week, I'm going to acknowledge the small win of staying on track with not drinking calories, and continue to move forward.  This is a key thing that I find many of my clients struggle with, and I often do too:  setbacks do not have to mean complete derailment of your plan/progress.  Instead, Recognize them for what they are, Acknowledge that they happened, Identify what caused/triggered the setback(s), and Non-Identify (realize that the setback doesn't define you).

Plan for the coming week:

Again, I'm going to re-focus on eating enough protein, about 180-200 grams per day.  This is one of the situations where I am going to use a supplement to help in the short-term, even though my ideal is to get all of the nutrition I need from real food.  I'm going to use two scoops of protein powder in water at breakfast to make sure I get in a solid 50-60 grams first thing in the morning to put me on the right track.

Exercise Behaviour:  Walk to Work At Least 3 Days Per Week

As I mentioned above, I have been fighting a cold/flu bug all the past week.  Monday, I felt in no condition to walk to work, so I drove.  Tuesday and Thursday, I walked, and honestly felt a bit better those days having done so.  Friday, I drove due to time constraints (poor planning on my part), so in total I walked two days this past week.

As with my eating this past week, I lost focus a bit with my training.  Specifically, I didn't do any of the SMR/stretching for my calves that I had planned, and with my walking days all over the map, I didn't get in the slow, steady Airdyne work I had planned either.

I opted not to train during the earlier part of the week due to being a bit under the weather, but did get in some other training in the latter part of the week.  Thursday evening I trained some gung fu with my friend Suki, and Saturday morning, Amber S and I went hard for what will be the last Saturday-morning client workout for a while.

Gung-Fu summary:

  • We worked on some chi sao (sticking hands) with pushing and pulling, and Suki helped me tighten up some holes in my game there.
  • We also did some very light-contact sparring.
  • Overall, I felt really rusty from lack of practice.  In both chi sao and sparring, I felt three or four steps behind Suki, rather than my usual one or two - LOL.

Weekend Grinder summary:

  • 12 minutes AMRAP:
    • 15x TRX Row
    • 10x TRX-Assisted Single-Leg Squat (per side)
    • 10x Slideboard Push-Slides
    • 100x Skipping Roper Turns
  • 2 Minutes Rest, then another 12 minutes AMRAP:
    • 15x TRX Row
    • 10x TRX-Assisted Single-Leg Squat (per side)
    • 10x Push-Up
    • 45 seconds Airdyne (HARD)
  • Finisher:
    • Balance & Throw (chest pass and twist throw, 2-leg, 1-leg (L) and 1-leg (R))

Plan for the coming week:

Refocus on adding in the SMR and stretching for my calves.  Train Mon/Wed/Fri with clients for some extra work.

This Week's Results:  208.8 lbs. (-0.0 lbs. this week, -5.2 lbs. from start)

Considering my lack of focus this past week, I was relieved to find no change on the scale.  I honestly had expected a gain due to the issues I had.  Onward and upward!