My Fitness Journey (Week 6) - Coach JP

This past week went pretty well overall!  Missed two planned exercise sessions, but got in two more on Saturday.  Not quite on-plan nutrition-wise, but did make progress.  Approaching a significant milestone, weight-wise...but still can't fit my "angry pants" properly.  :)  Progress, not perfection!

Nutrition/Lifestyle Behaviour:  Eat Enough Protein

Not being able to use protein powder for a morning boost in my numbers is hampering me with this habit a bit.  I've decided that it might be easier/simpler for me to focus on getting my whole-food nutrition in two meals per day instead of three, because with my other responsibilities and plans, getting in breakfast has not gone well.  This past week, in fact, I ate breakfast exactly twice, and neither was ideal in terms of the food content.

My lunch this past week at work from Monday to Thursday was keema (Indian spiced ground meat) with a small amount of rice and a large amount of cooked greens.  I also mixed in some fresh, chopped tomato.  Equivalent of two palm-size servings (about 60g) of protein per meal.

Dinners varied in composition, but with most I managed to get in another two palm-sized servings (60g) of protein as well, so I'm up to four palm-sized servings.

All that said, I'm steadily working my way up to my proper protein intake.  Not there yet, but getting there.  I need to increase my intake by another 50% to almost double to hit my targets.

Plan for the coming week:

Keep focusing on increasing my protein intake.  I'm going to add another 50% to my lunch protein portion-size.  Lunch this week will be leftover tandoori chicken breast from our BTG Winter Social (I cooked WAY too much chicken!), along with lentil soup and cooked greens/other veg.  For a bit of perspective, my portion size target is 1-1/2 half-breasts of chicken per meal.

Exercise Behaviour:  Walk to Work 5 Days Per Week, and 5 Workouts Per Week

Had trouble getting going early enough in the mornings to take the longer route to work, so kept to my normal, shorter route to work.  Walked Monday to Thursday, and ended up driving on Friday because I had to bring home some Christmas shopping I had accumulated through the week.

Not sure what happened with me on Monday, but I missed my strength workout.  I think I just got tied up with making dinner for my family, and it ran past the start of both sessions I could have trained in.

Tuesday and Friday BAM! training with my client groups was fun, but SPICY!  I think with the EMOTM Airdyne sprints, a couple of us have hit the functional limits of the Airdyne Evo Comp bikes, where they literally can't keep up with our peak outputs - the chain starts skipping as we ramp up the power.  My highest peak output was 1768 watts, and the bike was actually walking across the floor it was flexing so much!  Sometime in the new year, we may have to look at investing in a more heavy-duty bike, like the Assault Airbike, instead.

Wednesday Boxing training was great - I've come up with a slightly different format for our sessions that is really challenging.  We work a more technical or high-power pad combo for the first minute, then a simple, high-volume pattern (like chain punching, continuous 1-2's, etc.) for the second minute, then rest 1 minute, and repeat.

Had to coach all three sessions on Thursday evening, so didn't think I'd get a workout in, but my 6:30 class ended up just being me and Brooke, so we decided to do another boxing workout instead!  Loads of fun, and HARD work.

I used the same idea for my solo training session Saturday morning, mixing 1+1 minute rounds on the heavy bag with 2 minute rounds of skipping, and a minute rest in between.  My session went like this:


  • 2 minutes easy skipping
  • 3 sets easy chain punching to loosen up shoulders

Main Workout (all punching sets done both left & right lead with 1 min. rest between):

  • Set 1:
    • 1 minute fast, continuous 1-2's (4 punch per second tempo) with movement
    • 1 minute rest
    • Repeat other side
  • Skipping 2 minutes (about 240-280 rope turns), 1 minute rest
  • Set 2:
    • 1 minute of 1-2-1-2-hook-2, alternating between low and high hooks
    • 1 minute of fast, continuous straight 1-2's (4 punch/second tempo)
    • 1 minute rest
    • Repeat other side
  • Skipping 2 minutes, 1 minute rest
  • Set 3:
    • 1 minute of 1-2-3-knee, alternating between lead and rear leg knees
    • 1 minute of fast, continuous low-high hooks (2 punch/second)
    • 1 minute rest
    • Repeat other side
  • Skipping 2 minutes, 1 minute rest
  • Set 4:
    • 1 minute of 1-2-rear knee-2-1-rear elbow
    • 1 minute of fast, continuous dirty boxing 1-2 body shots (4 punch/second), focusing on hip and shoulder turn
    • 1 minute rest
    • Repeat other side
  • Skipping 2 minutes, 1 minute rest
  • Set 5:
    • 2 minutes left-lead flow (mixing punches, elbows and knees)
    • 1 minute fast, continuous dirty boxing 1-2 body shots (4 punch/second)
    • 2 minutes right-lead flow (mixing punches, elbows and knees)
    • 1 minute fast, continuous dirty boxing 1-2 body shots (4 punch/second)
  • Skipping 2 minutes

Finished with 20 minutes easy-to-moderate steady-state on the Airdyne.

Saturday afternoon, we had our 2015 BTG Reindeer Games, a friendly competition among some of the BTG crew before our Winter Social.  Team events included DB Snatch relay, Airdyne relay and mixed object shuttle run.  The DB snatch and shuttle run events were VERY close, but my team just edged out team Julia.  On the bikes, however, we crushed it, though we had the fairly significant advantage that all four of us could manage with the same bike seat height, saving us time in transition.  We were working with only four competitors vs. Julia's team of five, though, so two of us had to go twice.

Managed to sprain my wrist somewhere along the way, so I'm taking a rest day today (Sunday).

Plan for the coming week:

5 days walking to work, plus five workouts through the week.  Will probably have to modify my workouts to accommodate for my sprained left wrist, but that shouldn't be a problem.

This Week's Results:  204.8 lbs. (-4.1 lbs. this week, -9.2 lbs. from start)

BIG drop in scale weight this week.  Dipped below 205, and approaching ten pounds of weight loss since starting this journey.

Full disclosure - I weighed in on Saturday morning this week instead of this morning, because I knew last night would be a non-representative eating night with the BTG Winter Social and watching UFC 194.  My weigh-in this morning was, as expected, not as good as the above.  I'm confident that it is just a "bloat" from indulging yesterday, and that I'll be back down to sub-205 by tomorrow.

The physique change is most visible in my mid torso, but I'm still a couple of inches away from fitting my "angry pants" comfortably (the non-fitting 34" cargo pants that made me start down this journey six weeks ago).  I figure I'm still probably about ten pounds away from that happening.