My Fitness Journey (Week 5) - Coach JP

Can't seem to shake this cold/flu completely, but at least it's not constantly dragging me down like it was the previous couple of weeks!  I took a step back on the nutrition side of things so that I could have a bit of success there, and also re-focused on training this week.

Nutrition/Lifestyle Behaviour:  Don't Drink Your Calories

After struggling with getting my protein intake up to where it should be, I took a step back to an "easy win" for me - not drinking any calories.  This is something I felt I should do to help my confidence a bit and keep myself from just going off the rails - no "all or nothing" this time around for me!

I was on-track with this all week, so I'm ready to take a step forward again.

Plan for the coming week:

Again, I'm going to re-focus on eating enough protein.  Rather than going for a certain gram target, I'm just going to use the PN hand portion guidelines and aim for eight, palm-sized portions per day.

Last time around, I tried using protein powder (a whey protein complex) for an easy boost in my protein intake, but found that I was having trouble tolerating it.  I do suffer from a bit of lactose intolerance (one of the tragedies for me, nutrition-wise, since I LOVE me some good cheese!), but never felt like I had an issue with the protein powder (same brand and type) when I've used it before.  Our bodies change, though, and this time around, I felt vaguely nauseated whenever I had the protein powder.

The "good" news with that is that I'm going to be forced to get my protein from whole foods instead.  I'll be spending some time today planning out my week's eating to make sure I hit my targets, and then shopping for what I need.  I'm going to use the simple and boring strategy of keeping my breakfast and lunch basically the same all week so I can be consistent.  I'm planning on steel cut oats and eggs for breakfast, and meat, salad and lentil soup for lunches.

Exercise Behaviour:  Walk to Work At Least 3 Days Per Week

Really did well overall this week with my activity.  I walked to work as planned on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and also got in my planned workouts (Strength Monday, Boxing Wednesday and BAM! Friday).

On top of that, I also did the BAM! workout on Tuesday, and did a longer, hard walk (1 hour 15 min up and over Eagle Mountain) with my super-wifey, Raina. :)  The route we used would actually make a great run training route for the Spartan Beast, so I'm planning to try and fit in walking that route at least once per week as well until my body is ready for running.

Training this week was good overall - it really felt good to be back in action, and I pushed pretty hard in certain areas.  My core hasn't been sore for multiple days like that in a LONG while, and my arms and hamstrings were pretty fired up all week as well.  This week should be better in terms of recovery from those workouts as my body adjusts to the demands.

Plan for the coming week:

Discovered some car problems this weekend that will encourage me to walk to work nearly every day for the next two weeks, so I'm upping "Walk to Work" to 5 days per week.  I've also decided to use the slightly longer and more demanding Old Yale Road route both there and back.

Since my recovery this past week wasn't too bad, I'm aiming to hit one BTG workout per day during the week as well (Strength Mon/Thu, BAM! Tue/Fri and Boxing Wed).

This Week's Results:  208.9 lbs. (+0.1 lbs. this week, -5.1 lbs. from start)

Basically stayed the same on the scale, but feeling FAR better this week.

It's also funny how hitting my core really hard for just a few workouts changed the look of my torso almost overnight despite no change in weight.  Waking up those muscles again just switched on my posture, etc. I guess!  Posture makes a HUGE, and immediate difference to how you look in the mirror.

It could also be that the soreness in my core from the workouts just made me more aware of carrying myself properly.  In fact, it did just that when I was walking now that I think about it - the latent soreness made me realize I was just letting my core stability go when walking, especially on the inclines/declines, because I could feel the sore muscles being stretched.  As a result, I was consciously adjusting my posture while walking.  Something to think about going forward as I increase my walking...