Summer BAM! Madness - Week 1

...and it has begun!  For the next nine weeks, we're rotating through three different BAM! workouts, doing each one three times.  This week's pick - BAM #2!

36 Minutes, As Many Rounds As Possible:

  • TRX Row x 10 reps
  • Single-Leg Glute Bridge x 10 reps
  • Push-Ups x 10 reps (or failure)
  • Prisoner Squats

After Tuesday's groups, the bar has been set for client scores:

  • 18 rounds working in pairs (by both Christine/Gary and Heike/Roger)
  • 21 rounds solo (by Mika)

I'll update again tomorrow and Friday, after the other groups for the week have had a go at it.

I managed 24 rounds solo tonight with the 6:30 group, after having done 35 minutes of low and slow cardio efficiency work on the Airdyne while the 5:30 group was working.  I managed 6 rounds in the first 6 minutes, then 12 rounds in the next 18 minutes, then 6 rounds in the last 12 minutes - the push-ups got SPICY!

Scary thing is, that's the workout that everyone thought was the easy one of the three during technique week last week. :)