BTG Performance Testing 2015.09

Over the last couple of weeks, we've put most of our members through a few performance tests to get a baseline of where everyone's at, see how far (if at all) they need to go to meet the standards we've set, and help us evaluate whether our standards are reasonable for the typical general fitness type of person (as opposed to professional or high-level recreational athletes).

The tests we looked at this time around were our push-up and deadlift endurance tests, and our 10-minute dumbbell snatch test.  These join our 5-minute Airdyne test as part of our standard tests to evaluate member performance, and will be retested regularly throughout the year.

20-Rep Deadlift Strength Endurance Test

For men, this test is with 1x bodyweight on the bar, for women 0.77x bodyweight, with a target of at least 20 reps unbroken.  Bar may be lifted from the floor or slightly elevated if we deem that it is necessary for participant safety (I.E. to prevent tucking under of the tailbone at max depth, AKA "butt wink"), each rep must achieve full hip and knee extension at the top and must touch at the bottom with minimal bounce, preferably none.

If hands leave the bar, there are excessive pauses between reps, or form has degraded to where we judge it unsafe to continue, the test is over.

The following members passed this test:

  • Brooke M (20)
  • Christine S (20)
  • Heike L (absolutely DEMOLISHED this with 35 reps!)
  • Trainers:  JP - 20 reps, Julia - 27 reps

Near misses by:

  • Bobbie P (17 reps)
  • Gary L (18 reps)

Push-Up Max Reps Strength Endurance Test

For men, a pass is a minimum of 25 reps.  For women, 15.  Push-ups must be performed from the floor with only the hands and feet in contact with the ground.  Full depth (upper arms parallel to torso) must be achieved for each rep to count.  The chest or torso may touch the ground if necessary to achieve the requisite depth, but may not rest on the ground at all.

Participants may rest/pause in the "front leaning rest position" (I.E. at the top of the push-up) at any point during the set, but if the forearms, elbows hips or knees touch the ground, the test is over.

The following members passed this test:

  • Bobbie P (20)
  • Christine S (21)
  • Gary L (26)
  • Gerry S (25)
  • Heike L (19)
  • Josh B (25)
  • Kyle H (26)
  • Mika K (20)
  • Trainers:  JP - 40 reps, Julia - 27 reps

10-Minute Dumbbell Snatch Power Endurance Test

1-arm dumbbell snatch, as many reps as possible in 10 minutes.  Test starts from standing.  The dumbbell must reach a stable position overhead with the arm fully extended (lockout is not necessary) for reps to count.  A pass for men is 120 reps @ 50 lbs. OR 160 reps @ 40 lbs.  For women, 120 reps @ 35 lbs. OR 160 reps @ 25 lbs.

When ten minutes have elapsed, the test is over.

The following members passed this test:

  • Christine S (130 reps @ 35 lbs.)
  • Cole B (128 reps @ 50 lbs.)
  • Glenda C (160 reps @ 25 lbs.)
  • Heike L (136 reps @ 35 lbs.)
  • Megan B (175 reps @ 25 lbs.)
  • Mika K (170 reps @ 40 lbs.)
  • Sara M (163 reps @ 25 lbs.)
  • Trainers:  JP - not tested yet; Julia - 150 (!) reps @ 35 lbs.

Near misses:

  • Brooke M (155 reps @ 25 lbs.)
  • Gerry S (154 reps @ 40 lbs.)
  • Kevin C (155 reps @ 40 lbs.)

Great job everybody!  Those who we expected to be capable of passing generally did or were very close, so from the results this round, we believe these tests/standards are appropriately scaled for our general fitness clientele at this point.  Our aim is to get nearly everyone who trains with us to meet these standards, barring any physical limitations that impact their performance.