Why We Do What We Do :)

I just wanted to share a great message we received from one of our members yesterday.  This great lady is part of the great crew we have at The BTG that make it such an awesome community to be a part of, and why Coach Julia and I love what we do here.

Thank YOU, "Mabel" for putting in the hard work to get such great results!

JP. Thanks. I do not let you and Julia know enough how much I appreciate you both. I can now walk UP the hill on Old Yale and the hill on George Ferguson Way without dying a slow death. I have had back pain for 30 years, and every test shows nothing wrong. It was this morning that I realized I do not have any. Just a few twinges, that is it. I thank you both so much. I feel like a new person. I doubt if I will ever do a Spartan, but my Spartan is Old Yale hill.