Update - My Fitness Journey (Coach JP)

Quick update, since I haven't done one in a few weeks!

In short - I haven't weighed myself, but I fit in my "angry pants" that started this whole thing off last fall.  They're snug, but I didn't have to squeeze myself into them. :)

Ironically, the two weeks since returning from my MovNat Level 1 Certification (which was loads of fun, by the way!) have been pretty mediocre for me in terms of my nutrition and training.  I've started to get back on top of things the latter half of this past week, and should be back on track this coming week.

I'm going to have to amp up my training pretty quickly to prepare myself for the Level 2 MovNat certification at the end of April, as I understand the physical/skills testing part is MUCH harder.  There is apparently a lot of climbing and obstacle-clearing involved, and I struggled a fair bit with those skills when we tried them out towards the end of our Level 1 course.

I also need to get moving on my Spartan Race preparation, as we (me and the Lane boys) have all now registered for our three events to achieve our first Trifecta - the Vancouver Sprint in June, Red Deer Super in early September, and the Sun Peaks Beast in late September.  I need to work out a plan for increasing mileage over similar terrain to peak sometime around my birthday in late August, working up to a hard and fast-paced 4-hour hiking effort, covering 20+ km.  The boys have suggested Bear Mountain in Mission, and I've also had some suggestions for trails at Golden Ears.  I'm thinking maybe the Alouette Mountain Trail, doubling up the last 2.5 km / 600 metre elevation section for a bit more elevation gain/loss practice, will probably be my goal.

For both of those purposes, being a leaner and lighter version of myself will be very helpful, so I'm still aiming to get my weight down into the low 180's or better.  With only two months until MovNat Level 2, I've got a pretty aggressive target I need to hit.

Of course, as those needs appear, I seem to be suffering from either another gout attack or an injury in my foot - I'm actually having some trouble figuring out which.  The medication I have been taking for my occasional gout attacks is usually quite effective within a day or so, and this issue has been lingering since Wednesday.  I'll be spending my day today with my foot elevated but warm to encourage circulation and fluid drainage, and hopefully that will take care of it.

Onward and upward!