Spartan Trifecta Training - Time To Ramp Things Up!

As we head into the second week of Spartan Trifecta Training, it's now time to start ramping things up in terms of frequency of training, with two or three "workouts" per day.  Bear in mind, we're still only talking about a total of 45-90 minutes of work daily, but ideally this is going to be split into 2 sessions daily.

If you're going to split your training, you can do any of the sessions whenever works best for you, as long as you follow two guidelines.  First, if you combine your steady-state heart rate training with another session, the steady-sate work should be done LAST.  Second, if you're combining strength with another session, do strength FIRST.

If you want to or have to get it all done in one shot during the day, start with strength, followed by intervals, followed by steady-state heart rate training.

I'll be posting some more detailed information on WHAT to do in these sessions if you're not training with us during the week this week.