Auguston Stairs - 2016.05.07

So, week 7 of stair training at the Auguston Stairs, and I've achieved 10 trips in under 1 hour.  Today's planned work took just over 56 minutes to complete 10.  Again, #'s 6-8 were the worst for me, with my legs really burning, my lungs struggling and my brain trying to make me quit.  Around the end of 8, I kind of stop feeling my legs, and it's just a matter of willing them to keep working for the remaining time.  Past 8, my brain also just kind of quiets down and lets me go to work.

The plan now is to do 10 trips at the stairs every other week, and try to get faster each time out, eventually getting to under 50 minutes.  On the off-weeks from the stairs, we're going to work on trail runs / terrain hikes to continue building resilience and endurance for September's Spartan Beast at Sun Peaks.

As I said to Kyle H (who introduced us to the stairs) today, the aim is to get to where my legs still feel fresh after 10 trips, even as we get faster, because that's about the duration / elevation for the big ascents at the Beast.

Everyone else looks fresh as daisies - WTH happened to me? :)

A big thank you to some of our rock star women at The BTG for joining me today, since the boys bailed out!  Christine, Megan and Tanya all worked hard on their first time at the stairs, with Christine and Megan completing 6 trips, and Tanya completing 4.  Beware, ladies - your legs are going to be SORE for a couple of days!  My wife, Raina, meanwhile, herded all the kids (5 girls!) around the trail and back through Auguston to meet us at the end of our work.  A real team effort for an early Saturday morning!