The Truth About Ketogenic Diets

Ketogenic diets are once again back in fashion, as people take the low-carb mentality to the extreme in search of a quick fix for fat loss.  The folks over at Precision Nutrition have taken a look at the actual research behind it, and put together a great overview of ketogenic diets, what they are, who and what they DO work for, and who and what they DON'T.

Here's the link to the full article, and here's the short version (summarized by Coach JP):

  • For long-term fat loss, surprise, surprise:  starving your body of a key macronutrient doesn't work.
  • As with all low-carb diets, the fast weight loss that most experience in the beginning is due to the loss of muscle glycogen (I.E. one of your body's key fuel sources) and the water that accompanies it, not any loss of body fat.  All of that weight will return as soon as you provide your body with the carbohydrate it needs to replenish those stores.
  • For athletic performance, a ketogenic diet doesn't help performance, and may harm it.  However, supplementing a regular diet with ketones might produce a small (2% or less) but measurable improvement in aerobic performance.  Not worth it for a weekend warrior, but for an elite endurance athlete, maybe.
  • For those with or at risk for certain neurological issues, ketogenic diets have been proven effective, and research is currently ongoing for others.

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