Why Better Than Average Isn't Good Enough For Me (and shouldn't be for you either!)

Here's a link to a great article titled "Why Better Than Average Isn't Good Enough for Me" on breakingmuscle.com by Pete Hitzeman.  In the article, he talks about how the only useful comparison you have for your performance or progress is against yourself.

The only useful, reliable comparison is the one made objectively against myself. Am I better than I was yesterday? Last week? Last year? Have I gone faster or moved a heavier barbell? Have I solved a problem with a recurring injury or learned a new movement? Have I improved my focus, consistency, determination, or mental balance? As long as these markers are moving forward, I will continue to move the goalpost further afield.

I may never become an elite athlete, but I can reach the pinnacle of my own potential, and that will be good enough.

Comparing yourself to the average person in our society breeds complacency because, let's face it, it's not hard to be better than average these days, with obesity on the rise and largely sedentary lifestyles becoming the norm.  Conversely, comparing yourself to professional athletes, celebrities or fashion/fitness models, whose bodies are their jobs and who have the time and resources to dedicate to training themselves accordingly is not appropriate or useful either.

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