Spartan Race Trifecta Training Plan

With only 13 weeks until the Spartan Vancouver Sprint, it's time to really buckle down and amp-up our training!  We're also 28 weeks out from the big finale - the Spartan Sun Peaks Beast!

So, here's the plan:

Our initial focus is going to be pushing hardest on pulling strength, odd object lifts / carries and high-intensity intervals to prepare us for the much higher obstacle:distance ratio for the Sprint on June 4.  At the same time, we're going to work on gradually building up our aerobic / cardiovascular conditioning base.  We're going to ramp up from an average of 45 minutes daily to about 75-90 minutes daily by the end of May.

After the Sprint, we're going to kick things up more on the elevation hiking / rucking (loaded hiking) and ground speed / endurance side of things, while trying to maintain our strength and interval conditioning.    Our daily training volume will drop down to around 60 minutes most days, but our weekend endurance work will be building up to a full-speed, 4-hour ruck with 20% of our bodyweight as additional load 2 weeks before the Beast.

Click this link if you want to see the overall, 28-week plan all laid out.

I'm going to be posting the actual workouts as we progress through them, so if you want to follow along (whether you're going to race with us or not), feel free!

Any questions or comments, please Contact Coach JP via our website!