General Fitness & Fat Loss
Training @ The BTG

At The BTG, the majority of our awesome group of clients aren't professional athletes, fitness models, or fighting off hordes of ninja assassins on a regular basis.  They're regular people, just like you, who work hard to improve their fitness and body composition so that they can look, feel and move better day in and day out.

Because of that, we've spent years working out how to most effectively help people of widely varying ages and backgrounds build bodies that are resilient to the stresses that life may throw at them (including taking down the odd ninja here and there).

We train to be better at life, not just to put up numbers in the gym.

Because of that, our definition of fitness encompasses a broad scope of abilities and attributes, with the aim of being very balanced across all of them.  To be "fit" by our definition means achieving that balance by regularly working in all of the following areas:


Strength is the foundation upon which all the other attributes are built, but we do not pursue strength to the detriment of mobility, endurance, or other crucial functions.  What good is it to be able to deadlift 500 pounds, but not be able to bend over to tie your shoes, or climb a flight of stairs without getting winded?

The main emphases in our strength training are on being able to control and manipulate our bodyweight, developing our strength to weight ratio (AKA "relative strength"), and loaded holds/carries.  Using a combination of bodyweight exercise, dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, sandbags, medicine balls and resistance bands, we apply the best tools available to each movement pattern.  Routines generally change every five weeks or so, though we may emphasize one primary movement pattern for longer stretches from time to time.

Mobility, Movement Quality & Breathing

Mobility and movement quality are crucial attributes to functioning well, so we address them every time you set foot in the gym with our dynamic warm-up, and encourage everyone to go through that warm-up sequence at least once per day outside the gym as well.

We also build in mobility work with the movements we do in the workouts, emphasizing full, controlled ranges of motion wherever possible.  Movement is medicine, as they say!

We also incorporate controlled, diaphragmatic breathing into the warm-up to reinforce good breathing patterns, and the ability to relax and breathe in different positions and while moving.  We also pay particular attention to how you breathe during the movements and tasks we set you to during your workouts.

We do relatively little static stretching, as we feel that a more active approach provides more functional mobility than focusing on just becoming flexible in a fixed position.

Want to see our warm-up in action?  Video coming soon!

Interval Training

Our conditioning training inside the gym focuses primarily on interval training with various work/rest ratios.  This kind of training gives you the ability to work hard in short bursts, recover quickly, and work hard again, over and over.

In our infamous BAM! Training sessions, we use similar movements to our strength training sessions, with the addition of things like skipping, battling ropes, Airdyne bikes and more, and execute them at high speed and/or for high repetitions with high intensity.

We blend them into different workout concepts / session formats including RFT (Rounds For Time), AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible in a certain amount of time), EMOTM (Every Minute On The Minute), breathing ladders, ladder rounds, pyramids, I-Go-You-Go partner workouts, multi-station circuits...the possibilities are endless.

Coach JP's note:  If any of the foregoing was Greek to you, don't worry - that's what your coaches are here for!  Rest assured, you'll work hard...probably a bit harder than you previously though possible, but you'll get through it and you'll feel awesome for having done it afterwards. :)

With our Small Group Training format, you'll always have someone to suffer with while you're in it, and to celebrate with when you survive!  If you should happen to be solo, your coach will almost always jump in and do the workout with you - we're gluttons for punishment that way...

Aerobic Endurance

We love being outside, enjoying the great climate we have here on the west coast, and we hate the mind-numbing boredom of hamster-wheel cardio machine workouts indoors.  Besides, why waste your time and money in the gym doing long, slower endurance work?

We encourage everyone to get out and discover some physical activity you enjoy doing outside the gym, whether that be walking, running, hiking, trail running, stair training, road biking, mountain biking, swimming (admittedly not outdoors most of the year)...whatever floats your boat, as long as you work at it at a moderate pace for an hour or more at a time.  If you absolutely HAVE to get this kind of work in indoors on a machine, that's OK too, but getting out in nature is best where possible.


"LIRA" - Low Intensity Recovery Activity

Again, not something we normally do IN the gym, but we strongly recommend getting in some low-intensity, relaxing activity on a regular basis.  This could be you actively doing something, like going for a slow, easy walk around the lake with your wife and kids, practicing yoga or tai chi, or going through our BTG warm-up at a slower, more relaxed pace.  It could also be something really chilled out and relaxing, like soaking in a hot tub or bath, sitting in a steam room or sauna, or having a massage.

Intentionally taking the time to relax on a regular basis helps you recover better from your workouts, and function better in your life.  Because of that, it is just as important as all the other stuff in our balanced picture of fitness.