JPS Body Transformation Group Inc.
General Member Policies

All members of The BTG are subject to and agree to abide by these General Member Policies as a condition of their membership.  If you do not agree with any part of these policies, please see The BTG Management immediately to discuss your concerns.

Please also note that in the case of a disagreement between anything in our General Member Policies and our Waiver of Liability, the conditions of the Waiver will take precedence.

Member Expectations

At The BTG, we are committed to providing each of our members with the best training experience possible.  We do our best to ensure that your sessions are safe, effective (and maybe even a little fun), and we try to foster a comfortable, supportive environment to help you succeed.

In return, we expect the following from you as members:

Be Respectful of Your Fellow Members

One of the most important things that makes The BTG a great place to train is the friendly, family-like atmosphere created by all of our members and staff, who we like to collectively refer to as The BTG Family.

Treat everyone how you want to be treated – it’s as simple as that.  Abusive, lewd, demeaning, or otherwise inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated, period.  If you can’t get along, you will be asked to leave, and we may have to take the unfortunate decision to cancel your membership, at our sole discretion.

Be Respectful of Our Home/Facility

As a member of The BTG, my family and I are welcoming you into our home as our guest on a regular basis.  We ask that you please act appropriately.  This includes:

  • Please wear only clean, dry footwear inside our home, and in the training room. If your shoes are wet or dirty, please remove them at the front door. Bring your workout shoes with you and change into them when you come inside if necessary.

  • Bring a towel with you to your workout, and use it where necessary to clean up your sweat, etc. behind you. We also have anti-bacterial wipes for this purpose where appropriate.

  • If you bring garbage with you (E.G. disposable water bottles, etc.), please take it with you when you leave.

  • Bear in mind that there will almost always be small children around our home, and please speak and act in an appropriate manner around them.

  • Please be mindful that we are in a residential neighbourhood, and drive with care when you arrive and leave, and park with consideration for our neighbours and their space.

If you are unable to be respectful of our home and training facility, we may have to take the unfortunate decision to cancel your membership, at our sole discretion. 

Be Respectful of Our Time and Yours

The BTG Team and your fellow members have set aside part of their day to spend time with you and help you succeed.  You can best be respectful of their time and yours by doing the following: 

  • Arrive 5 minutes early for your session - the movement prep and warm-up part of the workout is meant to start at your session's scheduled start time, and is mandatory. Arrive five minutes early so that you are ready to go on-time. If you are not ready to start on-time, we may unfortunately have to decline your participation in that session, due to space limitations and safety concerns. In our limited confines, we simply do not have the room for people to warm-up when a session is underway.

  • Don't arrive TOO early - while we’d love to have you hang out with us, due to our limited space, and for safety reasons, there may not be room for you to arrive and hang out while a previous session is still in progress. If you arrive before the previous session has finished and The BTG staff determines that your presence is unsafe or disruptive to the session, we may ask you to come back later. Aim for 5-10 minutes before your scheduled session start time to avoid any issues.

  • If you can't make it, let us know - we know that stuff happens, and sometimes you can't make it to your scheduled workout. Please have the courtesy to let us know you will not be attending ahead of time, so that your trainer and fellow members are not waiting for you to get started, or worrying about what happened to you.

We have very limited spaces available for training, and don't want to see you letting them go to waste.   If you are unable to be respectful of our time and yours, and are repeatedly showing up late or no-showing your workouts without letting us know ahead of time, we may have to take the unfortunate decision to cancel your membership and make room for someone else who wants to train with us, at our sole discretion.

Be Respectful of Our Business

While we do think of all of our members as friends and part of The BTG Family, this is a business, and we have financial obligations to deal with.  Be a responsible adult, and please pay your bills on time, and in full.  Repeated late or short payments may result in us having to cancel your membership, at our sole discretion.

Initial Commitment & Cancellation Policies

3-Month Initial Commitment

All training and nutrition coaching membership agreements, unless otherwise specified in writing, are for a three (3) month initial term.

After that initial three (3) month term is complete, all memberships are offered on a month-to-month basis, and may be cancelled at any time with written or in-person notice at least one week prior to the start of your next scheduled billing period.


The BTG reserves the right to cancel your membership at any time, without notice, if you are found to be in contravention of any of the General Member Policies contained herein, or if you exhibit abusive, lewd or otherwise inappropriate behaviour towards the BTG staff or your fellow members. 

We also reserve the right to cancel your membership effective on your next renewal date if we feel that you training with us is no longer in our mutual best interest.

Membership Cancellation by the Member
Before The End Of The 3-Month Initial Term

Notwithstanding the three (3) month initial commitment described above, all training and nutrition coaching membership agreements with The BTG constitute "Continuing Services Contracts" under the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act, and as such there are specific rights and procedures regarding contract cancellations that apply during that initial three (3) month term:

10-Day "Cooling Off" Period

Section 25(1) of the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act states:

25(1) A consumer may cancel a continuing services contract by giving notice of cancellation to the supplier not later than 10 days after the date that the consumer receives a copy of the contract.

Change in Member's or The BTG's Material Circumstances

Sections 25(2), (3) and (4) of the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act state:

25 (2) A consumer may cancel a continuing services contract by giving notice of cancellation and the reason for the cancellation to the supplier at any time if there has been a material change

(a) in the circumstances of the consumer.

(b) in the services provided by the supplier.

25 (3) A material change in the circumstances of the consumer includes, without limitation,

(a) the consumer’s death,

(b) a physical, medical or mental disability of the consumer, substantiated in writing by a medical practitioner or nurse practitioner showing that the consumer’s continued participation is unreasonable because of the consumer’s condition or is likely to endanger the consumer’s health, or

(c) the relocation of the consumer for the remainder of the duration of the contract, or the remainder of the time stated in the contract in accordance with section 24, so that the distance between the consumer and the supplier is more than 30 km greater than when the consumer and supplier entered into the contract, if the supplier does not provide reasonably comparable alternative facilities for the use of the consumer not more than 30 km from the consumer’s new location.

25 (4) A material change in the services provided by the supplier occurs

(a) when, for reasons that are wholly or partly the fault of the supplier, the services are not completed, or at any time the supplier appears to be unable to reasonably complete the services within the period of time stated by the supplier under section 24,

(b) when the services are no longer available, or are no longer substantially available as provided in the contract, because of the supplier’s discontinuance of operation or substantial change in operation, or

(c) when the supplier relocates his or her facility so that the distance between the supplier and the consumer is more than 30 km greater than when the supplier and the consumer entered into the contract, and the supplier does not provide reasonably comparable alternative facilities for the use of the consumer not more than 30 km from the consumer’s location

In either case above, notice must be served in person or in writing, and The BTG will issue an appropriate refund within 15 days of the cancellation notice being served.

If you have not yet completed the full term of your initial 3-month membership commitment, and your reason for cancelling does not fall into one of the categories above, you may cease training at any time, but may, at The BTG's sole discretion, be required to pay the entire balance owing of your initial 3-month membership commitment to terminate your membership.

Membership Rates

All memberships at The BTG are billed on a monthly basis, in advance, at a rate agreed to when your membership commences, or upon notice of any rate changes.

The base membership rate is based on 48 weeks of training annually, divided by 12 calendar months, so each calendar month the member is billed for 4 weeks training.

Rate Changes

Our membership rates may change when necessary for the health of the business, or to account for a change in the services or facilities we provide to our members. We will always let you know in advance if your rate is going to change.

Rate Discounts

The BTG may, at its sole discretion, offer discounts on our current base membership rates to any or all members. Current discounts offered to all members include:

  • Referral Rewards Discount - for each person referred by a member who subsequently becomes a member at The BTG, the referring member will receive a 10% discount on their training for as long as both the referred and referring members remain members in good standing with The BTG. If either the referred or referring member stops their membership for any reason, this discount is forfeited.

  • Monday / Friday Stat Holiday Discount - members whose regularly scheduled sessions fall on a Monday or Friday receive a discounted rate for those sessions to allow for our closures on or around stat holidays. This discount is equal to 1/8 the monthly rate for the sessions that fall on those days. At The BTG’s sole discretion, this discount may not be applied if another discount has already been applied to training on those days.

Any further rate discounts are at the sole discretion of The BTG, and may be rescinded at any time. We will always inform you in advance if a previously offered discount is going to be rescinded.

Rescheduling Missed Sessions

Due to our extremely limited available space and schedule, and near full enrollment, we are usually unable to reschedule you to attend another session if you miss one of your regularly scheduled time slots.  We will, however, make every effort to accommodate you where possible. 

Holiday & Facilities Closure Policies

Members' Holidays

Because of our very limited membership capacity, the BTG does not offer any membership suspension options for members’ holidays.  Therefore, memberships and the automatic billing for them will continue through members’ holidays, and no credit will be given for sessions missed during these absences.

Scheduled BTG Holiday Closures

The gym will be closed for the following holidays, plus the Fridays preceding any holidays that regularly fall on Mondays (noted with an asterisk * below):

  • New Year’s Day (January 1)

  • BC Family Day (3rd Monday in February)*

  • Good Friday (varies from year to year)

  • Easter Monday (varies from year to year)

  • Victoria Day (3rd Monday in May)*

  • Canada Day (July 1)

  • BC Day (1st Monday in August)*

  • Labour Day (1st Monday in September)*

  • Thanksgiving Day (2nd Monday in October)*

  • Remembrance Day (November 11)

  • Christmas Day (December 25)

  • Boxing Day (December 26)

The gym will also be closed every year between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day to allow our staff to have time off, and also allow more major maintenance/upgrades at the facility to be completed.  At the BTG’s discretion, we may also close for one or more additional days before Christmas Day or after New Year’s Day, with the total duration of the holiday facility closure not exceeding two full weeks.

In addition to the above, the gym will also be closed for up to an additional three weeks during each calendar year, with the total gym closures (not including any statutory holidays) not exceeding four full weeks in a calendar year.

No credit will be given for sessions missed during these scheduled holiday periods, as our monthly membership rates already take these into account.

Closures Due to Inclement Weather

Your safety is important to us!  If weather conditions are such that access to our facility is not deemed safe by The BTG management/staff (E.G. the street, driveway or path is extremely icy, or “whiteout” road conditions occur in the vicinity of the facility), we will close the facility and inform all members with subsequently scheduled sessions of the closure by whatever means we have available.  While we will make every effort to schedule make-up sessions in lieu of such a closure, we cannot guarantee it will be possible and no credit for sessions missed will be given.

Closures Due to Power Outage

For safety (and practical) reasons, we will not train during a power outage.  If a brief outage occurs during a training session, and we are able to continue in short order, we will.  If an extended power outage occurs, we will close the facility.  While we will make every effort to schedule make-up sessions in lieu of such a closure, we cannot guarantee it will be possible, and no credit for sessions missed will be given.

Nutrition Advice Policy

At The BTG, we are not doctors, naturopaths or dietitians – we are fitness professionals.  We may, from time to time, whether as part of a nutrition coaching program or not, provide advice regarding nutrition and/or nutritional supplements solely for the purposes of weight loss, sports performance, and lifestyle improvement.  This advice is given in the context of what has worked for us personally to attain similar goals, or what we have learned through reading, research and certifications in sports/performance nutrition.

In no way is any nutrition advice given at The BTG to be construed as medical nutrition therapy (I.E. treatment for any particular medical condition), as that is beyond our scope of practice.  If you have any doubts about the information you are given by anyone at The BTG, do not use it without first seeking the advice of a medical professional.

If you have any specific medical conditions that you require dietary advice about, seek the assistance of a health professional – ask your doctor or naturopath, or contact a dietitian.  The government of BC provides many free resources on the HealthLink BC website at, or by calling the “Dial-A-Dietitian” line at 811.

Notwithstanding the above, if you choose to follow any nutrition advice given at The BTG, you do so at your own risk.  Please refer to the Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement you signed for further information.