Gung Fu & Combatives
Training @ The BTG

BTG Combatives Training

Coach JP has been a lifelong martial arts enthusiast, and has had formal training over the years in Shotokan Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Wing Chun, Non-Classical Gung Fu, and Chinese Boxing.

After nearly 10 years training with Sifu Suki Gosal, he was named as an instructor in Gung Fu and Chinese Boxing in 2015.

In addition to the traditional martial arts above, Coach JP has also studied and trained in techniques and movement from western boxing and both western and Thai kickboxing, and combines all of the above into The BTG's Combatives Training classes.  You'll learn how to hit hard, hit fast, and keep your cool under pressure to get out of danger, or better yet, avoid it in the first place!

Beyond the practical applications of martial skills for self-defense and competition, training like a fighter is a great way to build conditioning, coordination, balance and timing that transfer well into other sports, and contribute to overall health and wellness.  It also happens to be an incredibly fun way to put in a lot of hard work!

Gung Fu Training

Offered by invitation or referral only, Gung Fu training with Coach JP is based around the arts of Hei Ban (Red Boat) Wing Chun and Non-Classical Gung Fu learned from Sifu Suki Gosal.  The core principles of these arts, especially structural alignment, body mechanics and adaptability are applied to each individual to help them realize their own unique style, suited to their body type and physical attributes.

Primary emphases are on sticking practice, spatial awareness, closing the gap, maintaining defensive structure while attacking, and hitting hard from various angles with various weapons.  Everyone moves differently and has different strengths/attributes, but we all start from the same foundational skills and principles.

Our Gung Fu training is very physical in nature, and we train with only minimal protective gear.  Bumps, bruises, etc. can definitely be expected, and you can also expect to be worked EXTREMELY hard.

We are a fellowship of like-minded individuals, seeking to improve ourselves as people and develop the physical and mental tools necessary to effectively defend ourselves and hold our own in the face of danger.

Egos and bad attitudes in this kind of training are dangerous, and are not welcome.

If you feel that our Gung Fu training may be right for you, contact Coach JP to meet and discuss the possibility of training with us.