Membership FAQ

Here are the answers to the most frequently-asked questions regarding memberships at The BTG.

How Much Do Memberships Cost?

While there can be slight variations based on the specific days / sessions you train in, our Small Group Training memberships basically work out to about $20 per session.  Training twice per week costs around $160 per month, and training three times per week costs around $240 per month.

I Want to Pay Less - How Can I Get a Deal?

There are two main ways you can get more bang for your training buck with The BTG - Member Referral Rewards, and becoming part of our BTG Spartan Race Team.

Member Referral Rewards - 10% Off Your Membership for Each Person You Refer

For each person you refer to us who becomes a member, you will receive 10% off of your training membership as long as you are both members in good standing.  E.G. if you refer five people, you get 50% off of your membership.  If you refer ten people, you train FREE.

BTG Spartan Race Team - Get Extra Training for FREE

If you sign up for a Spartan Race as part of The BTG's team, not only will you get to participate in a great event with a fun group of people, you'll also get access to some extra training for FREE to help you prepare for the race.

What Forms of Payment Do you Accept?

We prefer pre-authorized payment by Visa and MasterCard.  Our accounting system will automatically bill you monthly, and send you a receipt.  This is the simplest for everyone involved - we don't have to chase people for payment, and you only have to provide your payment info once.

We do understand that some people prefer not to use credit cards, so you do have the option of paying by direct payment / online banking / e-transfer upon receipt of your monthly invoice instead.  If there are frequent issues with late / missed payments, however, we reserve the right to insist on credit card payment.

We DO NOT accept cash or cheques under any circumstances.

Do I Have To Commit To A Long-Term Contract?

No - after your initial trial period, memberships are on a month-to-month basis, billed in advance.

Can I pay For Individual Sessions / Packages?

All of our memberships are billed monthly, based on the number of sessions you train in an average week.  We do not offer "per session" rates or packages.

Can I Be Billed On A Specific Day Of The Month?

Absolutely!  Just let us know which day you prefer, and we'll pro-rate your first month's membership if necessary to make the payments line up on the date you prefer.

What About Holidays - Do I get A Credit, Discount or Make-Up Sessions for Those, or Can I put My Membership "On Hold" If I'm Going to Be Away?

Because of the very limited space we have available, we cannot offer any make-up sessions for holidays taken by our members.  We also do not offer any credits for holidays taken by our members, or any holds / suspensions of memberships.  We used to do all three of those things, and it was an administrative nightmare that took our focus away from training.

Instead, our membership pricing builds in 4 weeks of holidays for us and our members by charging for only 48 weeks of training over the course of a full year.

We also discount the rates for Mondays and Fridays to account for stat holidays that always fall on a Monday or Friday, and for other planned closures during the year.

We'll usually be closed between Christmas and New Year's, and for a week or two in the summer.  We may also close for a week around spring break and/or Thanksgiving, but that can vary from year to year.

Our planned closures for 2018, already accounted for in our membership rates, are:

  • New Year's Day (January 1)
  • BC Family Day (February 12 - accounted for with Monday discount)
  • Good Friday (March 30 - accounted for with Friday discount)
  • Easter Monday (April 2 - accounted for with Monday discount)
  • JP HOLIDAY - April 27 (accounted for with Friday discount)
  • Victoria Day (May 21 - accounted for with Monday discount)
  • JP HOLIDAY - June 1 (accounted for with Friday discount)
  • Canada Day (July 2 in lieu of July 1)
  • BTG SUMMER CLOSURE - July 3 - 13 (9 training days)
  • BC Day (August 6 - accounted for with Monday discount)
  • JP HOLIDAY - August 10 (accounted for with Friday discount)
  • Labour Day (September 3 - accounted for with Monday discount)
  • Thanksgiving (October 8 - accounted for with Monday discount)
  • BTG FALL CLOSURE - October 9 - 12 (4 training days)
  • BTG CHRISTMAS CLOSURE - December 24 - 31 (6 training days)

I'd Like to Take The Summer Off / take a break from Training - can I put My Membership On Hold?

As noted above, we do not offer any holds / suspensions of memberships.  If you choose to discontinue your membership at any time, we cannot guarantee that your spots will still be available when you return.

Also, if you choose to discontinue your membership, any referral rewards discounts or older "legacy" rates you currently pay will be lost, and you'll have to pay our full, current rates for training upon your return.

How Do I Cancel My Membership?

If you wish to cancel your membership, you just need to give us reasonable notice by e-mail to before your next billing date to stop the automated billing.  10 business days (2 weeks) is acceptable notice.