Nutrition Coaching
@ The BTG

BTG Foundations Coaching

We're working on a revised curriculum for our BTG Foundations Coaching program, designed to help you make healthier eating and lifestyle habits a part of your life for good, without counting calories or macros, weighing your food, or any of that stressful nonsense.  Be free from food anxiety, and eat to THRIVE for the rest of your life!

Included FREE with any
BTG Training membership

$100 per month as a stand-alone membership


One-Time Consultation

Includes a comprehensive nutrition/lifestyle assessment, review of current dietary choices, and an action plan to meet fat-loss, fitness and/or athletic performance goals.

$120 for one session

Optional Add-Ons

Kitchen Makeover & Grocery Shopping Tour - $100 Add-On

Your BTG Coach will help you clear the junk and unhealthy choices from your kitchen and accompany you to your local grocery store to help you stock your kitchen with healthy choices to set yourself up for success.

Available only as an addition to a One-Time Consultation
or our Ongoing Coaching Programs.