Owner, Head Trainer
& Nutrition Coach
JP Siou (MCT1, PN1, SGX)

The founder and owner of The Body Transformation Group Inc. (AKA BTG Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching), JP's own fitness journey inspired him to become a personal trainer so that he could help others experience the joy, confidence and overall wellbeing of a fit and active lifestyle, help them realize how strong they really are, and discover their inner athlete.

A personal trainer since 2007 and currently a MovNat Level 1 Certified Trainer and Spartan SGX Coach, JP advocates a balanced approach to fitness, including strength training, high-intensity intervals, moderate intensity "cardio", mobility/balance training and natural movement.

A lifelong martial arts enthusiast, JP is also certified as an instructor in Gung Fu and Chinese Boxing under Ban Chung Wing Chun Sifu Suki Gosal.  He blends the principles of Gung Fu with western boxing / kickboxing for a unique curriculum in The BTG's combatives classes.

A lifelong "foodie" and with a professional culinary background to go along with his training as a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified coach, JP's approach to nutrition coaching helps people achieve permanent lifestyle changes without sacrificing flavour or their enjoyment of food.

"Being a trainer is important to me because I love helping people discover the athlete inside themselves, and develop that drive and tenacity to push through adversity, not just in the gym, but in their daily lives as well." 


Lead Trainer
Julia Kropninski (B.Kin, NKT Level 1 Certified Practitioner)

Having graduated from UFV's Kinesiology program in 2014, Julia's background in dance, swimming and distance running, and as a long time group leader and former staff member with The Running Room here in Abbotsford, brings a different perspective to The BTG training staff.

As part of our ongoing education initiative at The BTG, Julia attended the Neuro-Kinetic Therapy (NKT) Level 1 Course and has attained her certification as a Level 1 Certified Practitioner as of October 2016 - great job, Julia!  She's already put some of that knowledge to good use in helping some of our members address some long-standing chronic movement issues/injuries, and we look forward to her expanding her horizons with more of this type of work in the future.