Our Schedule
@ The BTG

If you're ready to get started, the first step will be to attend a New Member On-Boarding session.  You can book that by clicking the button at the top of your screen.

If you want to know when we train, please see below for our current class schedule.  Please Contact Us to check availability, as we have very limited space available.

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Other times or session types may be available.  If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, contact Coach JP with your request.

Small-Group Training Session Types

Small Group Training combines a high level of personal attention with the camaraderie and fun of training with your "gym buddies" to keep you on track and making progress. With no more than 6 clients per BTG Coach, the workouts are designed to be scalable to most fitness/ability levels.

Strength Training A / Strength Training B

Join in with our rotating program of strength work, scalable to most fitness/ability levels. The aim of the program is to develop all-around, functional strength, durability and resiliency to tackle whatever your daily life and the occasional weekend adventure may throw at you. Up to 1 hour duration per session.

BAM! Training

The BTG's Signature "Bad-Ass-Metabolic" Conditioning Workout. Strength-type movements performed at speed for high reps combined with favourites like battling ropes, skipping and the dreaded Airdyne bikes. A high-energy, fast-paced workout to build up your work capacity. Scalable to most fitness/ability levels, up to 1 hour duration.

Combatives Training

Combining western boxing and kickboxing with Chinese Gung Fu, we focus on closing fast, hitting hard, and getting out of the way of danger. Primarily pad work and partner drills, we also throw in some conditioning and core work on a regular basis to ensure that you can still perform when your body is fatigued.

Spartan Team Training / Spartan SGX

Train with a Spartan SGX certified coach to improve conditioning and practice obstacle-specific skills so you can conquer your next Spartan Race!  Whether you're a veteran of the Spartan events, or are planning to tackle your first one, we can help you succeed.


Prepare to suffer alongside Coach JP as we experiment with new training ideas / new movements combined with some of our "greatest hits" from past BAM! Workouts. Easily the hardest workout of the week. Usually very fast and brutal, but can go for up to 1 hour duration.