See what our members are saying about being part of The BTG.

I am so grateful for what the BTG staff can offer! I would NEVER do core and strength training on my own: the support and knowledge from the staff, combined with the opportunity for unique group training sessions, is the perfect fit.
— Christine S.
If any one of my friends is interested in an awesome workout in a small group setting...The BTG (The Body Transformation Group) is fun, motivational and a great way to workout. Come join us!!
— Heike L.
JP. Thanks. I do not let you and Julia know enough how much I appreciate you both. I can now walk UP the hill on Old Yale and the hill on George Ferguson Way without dying a slow death. I have had back pain for 30 years, and every test shows nothing wrong. It was this morning that I realized I do not have any. Just a few twinges, that is it. I thank you both so much. I feel like a new person. I doubt if I will ever do a Spartan, but my Spartan is Old Yale hill.
— "Mabel" :)
I had a good base of 10km running with my race time at 54 minutes before starting training at The BTG, and I’ve been a runner for the majority of my life.

However, I realized pretty much after the 1st session at The BTG, that running does not give you upper body strength and somewhere between 20 and 40 I’d lost the ability to do a pushup and apparently after having 2 kids my stomach muscles had vanished.

What I’ve been finding out is that through training I’ve strengthened my upper body and core and that’s changed how I utilize my upper body in my running. I use my arms more now which allows me to run faster with less effort than before.

I’ve also come to realize that I can push myself a lot harder than I thought I could in my runs. The cross-training has also shown me that where I thought my physical limits were isn’t even close to where they actually are.

To top that all off, I’ve dropped 15 pounds so far* even without a change in diet. With the help of The BTG, after only a few months of training my 10km run time is down to 48 minutes in my last run, and I won my age-group in the Run for Water 10K!
— Tanya P.

*Everyone is different, and your results may vary!
We typically see average weight loss of about 1-2 pounds per week
from our integrated training and nutrition programs.