Everyone on the web likes to put themselves forward as some kind of expert, and many would like you to think that they are THE source for all the knowledge in their field.

We at The BTG, on the other hand, consider ourselves eternal students in the fields of fitness, nutrition and motivation, and are not at all ashamed to say that we "stand on the shoulders of giants" - those industry leaders who put out great information on a regular basis, and keep us developing.

We are constantly learning and improving to offer our members and readers the best, most effective training experience possible.  Here are a few of the sites we check out on a regular basis for their great content and personalities!

We have no official affiliation with any of these guys* (though we have met and learned from a few of them in person!), just a lot of respect for the info they are putting out!

*Aside from Coach JP being certified by Precision Nutrition, of course!

Training and Inspiration

Bret Contreras' Site - "The Glute Guy" who is responsible for our obsession with building better butts!

Eric Cressey's Blog - awesome info from a leader in baseball training

Emily Giza Socolinsky's Site - very smart and to the point about the benefits of strength training

Girls Gone Strong - some very inspirational ladies, blazing the path for true female fitness!

JC Deen's Site - info on how to make fitness fit your life, instead of ruling it

Mike Robertson's Blog - Mike is the man!   'Nuff said.

Nick Tumminello's Site - Nick always tells it like it is, cutting through the fitness industry BS

Ross Enamait's Blog - one of my original inspirations, Ross epitomizes hard work and inspiration

Tony Gentilcore's Site - probably one of the funniest guys in the biz, Tony G also happens to be SMRT

Nutrition, Supplements and Health

Alan Aragon's Site - both training and nutrition info, and debunking myths and spurious science

Core 4 Nutrition Blog - nutrition and supplement info from Dr. Rick Cohen

Fitness, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Calculators for Positive Mental Health - a page with a number of useful links to various calculators and risk assessment tools, from Morningside Recovery (thanks to Debbie from afterschoolcareprograms.com and her student, Andrew, for passing along the link!)

International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) - "the only non-profit academic society dedicated to promoting the science and application of evidence-based sports nutrition and supplementation"

It's Not About Nutrition - Dina Rose's webpage on "The Art & Science of Teaching Kids How to Eat Right"

Precision Nutrition - the best in the business when it comes to fat-loss nutrition info

Save Yourself - sensible advice for aches, pains & injuries

Still Tasty - great info on shelf life and storage of real food

Here are some of our favourite local resources and health practitioners.  If you need any of their services, be sure to look them up!

Local Resources In Abbotsford and the Fraser Valley

Abbotsford Sports & Orthopaedic Physiotherapy - Dan Bos is our go-to guy!  Unlike many in the field, if Dan can fix you in one visit he will, and he often can!

Core Fitness & Rehab / Crossfit Abbotsford - our good friends and fellow trainers, Core Fitness & Rehab is where BTG founder, JP Siou, got his start in the industry and learned a TON about post-rehab and general fitness training thanks to Tom McAleese, and his sons Matt & Shane are now flying the CrossFit banner as well.  Also of note is that Tom is a Yang-Style Tai Chi master, and has a large following on that end of things as well.  If we can't accommodate your needs for training, these guys are where you should go.

FarmFolk CityFolkTheir main site (linked to the left) and their other website www.GetLocalBC.org are great resources for locally produced food here in the BC Lower Mainland!

Meadowbrook Counselling - part of the BTG Spartan Race Team, Brooke Matthewes also happens to be a top-notch Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) and Canadian Certified Counsellor who works with the BC Cancer Agency and the BC Responsible and Problem Gambling program in addition to running her private practice.  Brooke's areas of specialty include Youth Counselling; Problem Gambling & Addiction; Problematic Substance Use & Addiction; Grief & Loss; Depression, Anxiety & Self-Harm; and Body Image, Self-Confidence and Disordered Eating.

Mission Hills Chiropractic - Dr. Malcolm Venier keeps our spines tuned up!

Valley Wellness Centre - Danielle Arens and Chrystal Peters are our favourite RMT's.

Venier Dental Group - Dr. Ryan Venier keeps us smiling.  Yes, he is Malcolm's brother, and their dad and other brother, Ashley, are both dentists as well.